Everything looks speckled - is it normal?

The attached picture is from my Rebel XT.  It's exactly what I see in Camera Raw.  It's the sky with a utility cable.  I think the pixels should be uniform in the sky.

I looked at some RAW files from photo sites and when I zoom in, adjacent pixels are the same color, contrary to this picture.

I just cleaned the sensor with PEC-PAD sensor swipes and it made no difference.

Can this be fixed?

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jmdionAuthor Commented:
I have looked at raw files from other owners of the same camera and the answer is "this amount of noise is normal".  Thank you for trying to help.
Chris MillardCommented:
Have you got your camera in auto mode, or program mode? If it's in program mode, check the ISO setting. It may be set to something like 1600 or 3200 or some other high setting that is designed for low light (and creates grainy images)
jmdionAuthor Commented:
Thank you roybridge,

The picture was taken in manual mode at ISO 400.  I have taken another one (attached) at ISO 100  (changed only the aperture) and it's grainy also.
Go through all the settings you can see fit to resolve.

If not possible, you may need to process with Photoshop.

jmdionAuthor Commented:
The comment contains the answer to the question.
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