Hi Eperts,

I need to make cube includes one measure and 3 dimensions on one table only.
for example
Table (T1)
culomns : A - measure
                 B-  dimension
                 C-  dimension
                 D- dimension
can you give me the steps
Thank & regards.
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Kalyanum Deepak KumarSenior Technical LeadCommented:
Hi samprg,

Below is the sequential procedure to be followed to report the mentioned scenario above:

1) Create three dimension tables B,C,D which have a primary key and the domain values. For example , if B is like a Country. Create a table CountryDim with the columns Country_key as primary key and CountryName as another column which stores the Country names which are domain values or master data for Country. Similarly for the tables C,D

2) Create a fact table for eg , FactSales which have the columns Measure (can be named as per your requirements) and foregin key references to the Diimension tables' primary keys as mentioend in the point 1.

3) After the creation of these tables, the Business Intelligence Development Studio when SSAS project is created would be able to generate the required schema for the cube.

4) The SSAS in BIDS(Business Intelligence Development Studio) can able to recognize the dimension tables and fact tables automatically with an additonal time dimension attached while the cube is developed.

5)Basically, this is a star schema in the database which is used in SSAS cube in SQL server. There is other schema as well which is called snow flake schema which has a dimension dependant on other dimension, but here it is not the scenario.

Hope this is helpful to you. Please vote up or mark answer if it resolved the issue or functionality. Thanks.
samprgAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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