Re-Naming Multiple Files to Specific Names Effieciently

So what I am trying to do is I have multiple .mp3 files and I they are not named the way I wanted them to be named.  
Example:  2Pac - Dear Mama (Instrumental)  I want to be renamed
                2Pac - Dear Mama

Also, if I right click on the file I want the details to be edited accordingly.  If you look at the attached file, I would want the:
Title: Dear Mama
Artist:  2Pac

Is there anyway I could do this in a batch file, I know there would be alot of hand jamming but I was also thinking I would use a lot of copying and pasting of names.  Any help would be greatly apprecaited.
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There are several mp3 tag editors which support renaming of files. Most of them can also download relevant data from online music stores (Amazon for instance) so they can fill all the missing details. You can convert the file details into the file name and vice versa.

I use mp3tag which is free (u can donate if u like). Other software i used is MediaMonkey (a rich featured media player that can help you manage your music) and Tag&Rename

A more sophisticated method is to use some sort of scripting language to do this job - Python for instance.
Try Bulk Rename Utility (free)
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