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I am just making the transition to an iphone 4 from a blackberry curve 8900. I am looking for applications for the iphone that do some of the things my blackberry apps used to do. Apple boasts that "there is an app for that" but I have yet to find iphone apps that do the following things.

1. Auto Text shortcuts. I can set up a text shortcut that auto corrects to my email address, etc.
2. Quicklaunch. This was my favourite Blackberry App. I was able to do things quickly.
3. QL could launch an e mail to a specific contact and fill in the subject line.
4. QL could capture the screen of the phone and auto launch an email.
5. I could set up three letter shortcuts such as CAP. I would launch the QL menu and type CAP and it would launch the screen capture application.

Any app suggestions for Auto Text and Quicklaunch for iphone would be helpful. Thanks.
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Aaron TomoskyConnect With a Mentor SD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
The closest thing to quicklaunch is the built in search(click home twice or swipe one left on the home screen and autotext is already built in.

There arent really any AppStore apps that do what you want that I know of. If you JB then get sbsettings it is awesome by itself but it comes with "activator" which let's you add commands or apps to swipes and corner touches etc...
Scruples89Author Commented:
You say autotext is already built in, but can you have a custom set of auto texts? If so, how do you set that up.

The closest App I have discovered that does the auto text thing is to ZenTap Pro. Problem is you have to start your text input in their app and copy and paste it to the other app.
Scruples89Author Commented:
FYI, I switched back to the blackberry. the learning curve for th iphone is too steep for me right now.
Scruples89Author Commented:
Jail breaking the iphone to get these apps is too complicated for me.
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