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adding memory to Dell M600 blade


i am about to add some memory to our M600 blade and just have a few question.

current we have 8 x 2GB. in one blade
current we have 8 x 2GB. in another blade

i have just bought: 10 x 8GB.

can the blade support 64GB. i have read it cant but Dell tell me can?
can you have both 2GB dimm and 4GB dimm in different banks ie 4 x 4GB and 4 x 2GB in the same blade?
how important is it to use the blank plastic memory spacers?
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1 Solution
All the online docs I found say it can do it.
3lijahAuthor Commented:
what did they say?
support 64GB maxium RAM?
configure the ram with 2GB DIMM and 8GB DIMMs?

Max of 8 Dimms of 8 GB for a total of 64 GB max
3lijahAuthor Commented:
do you know if you can 2GB with 8GB in the same blade? i have been told that you can have 4GB and 8GB dimms, or 2GB and 4GB dimms, and that 8GB and 2GB dimm will not work, but i cannot find any supproting documents supporting this.

does anybody know the answer to this?

Regards, Lee.P
M600 Supports up to 64 Gig
Memory Modules must be installed in identical pairs
All Modules in the blade must be identical in speed and technology

There is nothing that says that you can't or can do
8,8,2,2 / 8,8,2,2

Popluate the Dimms and find out
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