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I'm trying to resize some photos for a website. I have a number of photos that are appropriately  2200px X 3600px.  I've been using and I need to resize the images to 800px X 533px. When I resize the images they become distorted. Does anyone have any suggestions of any application ( or method) I could use that would enable to resize these images without them becoming distorted?

Thank you in advance
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Brian GeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, you can resize to 533 which will make the other dimension 871 for which you could crop off 71px (making 871 to 800) and still keep the image not having the stretched/distorted appearance. That's the best you'll get from both worlds (the 800x533 and no stretch distortion).  
Brian GeeCommented:
Try resizing using Irfanview. It's a good free photo editor that should get you good resized output.

Image > Resize/Resample > type in your pixel dimensions in the Set New Size area.
Brian GeeCommented:
Just FYI, in case you didn't already know, that what you have at 3600x2200 would resize down to 800x489 if you were to retain aspect ratio. Forcing 800x533 instead would make a portion of your image appear stretched since it is not evenly resized. 3600/4.5 equals 800 so to keep aspect ratio intact, 2200/4.5 should be used to get 489. As an example of what your proposing with 533, a picture of a face would appear wider than normal (if not 489 keeping aspect ratio accordingly). Again just FYI.
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delacruz84Author Commented:

Thanks much for the suggestion on irfanview. I mistakenly gave the wrong dimensions actually the images are appropriately 2200X3600. I have a graphic rotator on my website that requires the images to be 800X533. Is it possible to resize the images to the required size without it becoming "stretched out"?
Brian GeeCommented:
Let me correct the math above to be 872 instead of 871. Unless you run a crop like I noted above, then the image(s) in question will be stretched (distorted). So resizing 2200x3600 with the aspect ratio intact, you will have an image that should be 872x533 (or 533x872, if you will). The image will retain the same aspect ratio and look like it should, just smaller. In order to get your Website to accept the image (according to what you noted), you will need to crop from each side 72px to make the side with 872px to 800px. You will notice that the image will not be distorted (stretched) in any way, but you will lose a bit of the image from either (or both) sides to comply with the 800x533 parameter.
BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just another tip about resizing.  There are various algorithms used for resizing images.  Some are better for increasing the size while some are better for reducing, some are better for photos than others. In IrfanView you have the following to test out:  Lanczos, Hermite, Traiangle, Mitchell, Bell, and B-Spline.  If your images are of similar subject matter, then resize several copies using the different methods and zoom in on each one looking for ragged edges and other abnormalities to decide on which method to apply to all of them.
Thank you delacruz84
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