Fileserver Performance Monitoring with perfmon?

I know how to add counters and I know I want to monitor Memory, Network Interface, Physical Disk (what is logical disk?).  I don't know what counters to add for the above objects.  I also don't know what is normal.  I don't have a baseline, but was hoping experts could give me an estimate of what is normal for a system?
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have the baseline a great tool to use is PAL (written by a Microsoft PFE)

Use the system overview for some analysis.


ashutoshsapreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the Microsoft tool:

Microsoft ® Windows Server ™ 2003 Performance Advisor

Here is the description from the download page:
Microsoft ® Windows Server ™ 2003 Performance Advisor is the latest version of Server Performance Advisor, which is a simple but robust tool that helps you diagnose the root causes of performance problems in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 deployment. Server Performance Advisor collects performance data and generates comprehensive diagnostic reports that give you the data to easily analyze problems and develop corrective actions

Microsoft ® Windows Server ™ 2003 Performance Advisor provides several specialized reports, including a System Overview (focusing on CPU usage, Memory usage, busy files, busy TCP clients, top CPU consumers) and reports for server roles such as Active Directory, Internet Information System (IIS), DNS, Terminal Services, SQL, print spooler, and others.

victor2008Author Commented:
THanks for the info. I need to know more about Performance Monitor built into Windows though.  Can someone help me with what counters to use on a file server and what's normal in perfmon?
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