Creating a Physical Standby database from an another existing Physical Standby database

We've have a requirement to create a Standby Database for our Oracle 9i Primary Database. We already have one Physical Standby Database for our Primary DB. I would like to know whether this already existing Physical Standby DB can be used to create the new Standby DB because we cannot afford the Primary database downtime for so long(copying the files to Standby site) and we do not have sufficient disk space for RMAN backup too(for creating the Standby using RMAN backup).

 By creating the new Standby Database from an existing Standby Database I mean whether the database files from the latter one can be copied over to the new standby site.
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PilouteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

>> we cannot afford the Primary database downtime for so long <<

No need to stop your primary. Use the standby as source for you copy.
Check this out to have the steps to follow :

>> we do not have sufficient disk space for RMAN backup <<

RMAN can copy to a distant host too ;)

johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
Just to add...

You do not need to do a special backup of the primary to create a standby database.  You can use your last hot backup.  Restore that as your starting point for you standby.  You will also need to restore the archive logs between the beginning of the backup and when logs start getting shipped.

I have created a standby with a hot backup many times before.  It works perfectly and I believe it is documented in the manuals.  Even if use the documentation to create a "special" backup for creating the standby, all you are really doing is creating a hot backup.
makk2010Author Commented:
I believe I can copy the existing Standby Database controlfile to the new Standby DB site. Am I right or I need to use the Primary DB controlfile ?
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Up to you to test. Have no idea if it will work or not. I'm tempted to say it should come from the same db as your db copy.

In the worst case, you still can create a new one from your primary (there's no impact on your primary when doing an 'alter db create controlfile...').

johnsoneConnect With a Mentor Senior Oracle DBACommented:
Personally, I would recreate a control file from the primary.  No impact to it and no down time required.

That being said, copying from the existing standby "should" work.
makk2010Author Commented:
Not entirely sure about controlfile restore
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