How to check publication / subscription with sybase replication ?

when I ran rs_helpdb, I can see it output me results, then I try to find out publication exist in the db,. I ran sp_helppub, unfortunately it does not show me any result. but I'm sure we have configure replication in our server. How to check for publication then ?
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Hi Motioneye,

Log into the RSSD and query the table directly...

eg.  isql -U -P -S etc etc

use <rssd_name>

select * from rs_subscriptions where subname like '%part_of_your_sub_name%'  

For RSSD schema check out:


- David
It is a good idea to check RSSD system tables. However, you can check publications in rs_publications. So it should be

select * from rs_publications where pubname like '%part_of_your_sub_name%'  

There are various stored procs you can use in the RSSD db to get info, but you need to use the different stored proc's for different types of replication.

For warm standby replication you can use the command in the repserver:
> admin logical_status

For non-publication subscription replication, on the RSSD use:
> rs_helprep    -- on the primary repserver RSSD, if you have multiple repservers
> rs_helpsub

For publication based subscriptions:
> rs_helprep
> rs_helppub
> rs_helppubsub     -- Note, this won't show non-publication subscription

For whole database replication subscriptions (aka Multi Site Availability, MSA):
> rs_helprepdb  -- list all MSA replicated db's
> rs_helpdbrep  -- list db replication definitions (should be callled sp_helpdbrepdef)
> rs_helpdbsub

The Complete Sybase Replication Server Quick Reference Guide by Rob Verschoor is really useful to keep track of all this stuff.

Ben Slade
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