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In my organiztion there is no proxy server install. Only 1 dsl and two wireless routers are installed. Please tell me how can I monitor bandwidh on dsl.
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I would lean towards setting up own Linux box with Cacti.

as distribution, based on my experience, I would recommend openSUSE distribution.
Here you can find guide how to install cacti on that platform:

That will give you flexibility of adding more monitoring software accordingly, when required.
After some time you might consider installing Nagios to monitor servers in network as well.

Hope that helps a bit.

There is a number of ways the easiest and the cheapest is to buy a router that has that feature They are not expensive and readily available. In some cases your ISP provides that feature for free (we have that).  there are other ways such installing software in pcs etc but you will end up using one of the two above.

best of luck
Cacti can monitor dsl router with snmp and display bandwith graph.
If you not familiar with cacti, you can try CactiEZ - its easier to set up.
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Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Also have a look at PRTG: it does a nice job on that.
It can even use netflow, if your devices support it.
give this a try. Its free and whill give you eveything.
imz-ezAuthor Commented:
thanks dude
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