blackberry bes 5.1 server not automatically syncing exchange subfolders

everytime a user creates a new subfolder in their outlook it is not automatically synced on their blackberry.
I have to go into bes server then into the folder redirection settings and select new folder.
how can i get this to sync all subfolders automatically
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Mike SullivanConnect With a Mentor DirectorCommented:
Depending on the software version on the handset, go into Messages, press the BlackBerry Menu key, choose Options then Email Preferences. Now press the BlackBerry Menu key again and this time choose Folder Redirection. If you select Inbox at the top level, it will automatically select all subfolders and any new subfolders that are created.
dougdogAuthor Commented:
i thought there was a way to have the server do this automatically
Mike SullivanDirectorCommented:
You can do it on the server in exactly the same way. Where you have been going to select each new subfolder that is created, select the Inbox at the top level. Each new subfolder that is created will be added to the list to be synchronised.
Rob KnightConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

Sub folders are not automatically re-directed. This either needs to be done by the user on the device or by an Administrator via the console.


dougdogAuthor Commented:
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