will i have to change my ipv4?

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i have m,y own IPV4 PI from ripe, i need to know if have to replace it and change to ipv6?
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Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Seeing that IPv4 addresses are now really running out and the fact that more and more sites wil  become IPv6 only, it might be a good idea to think about that.
On the other hand IPv6 and IPv4 are two completely separate protocols. IPv6 is not backwards compatible with IPv4, and IPv4 hosts and routers will not be able to deal directly with IPv6 traffic (and vice versa).

As long as IPv6 and IPv4 still both are being used IPv6 nodes are going to need to communicate with IPv4 nodes, and isolated 'islands' of IPv6 installations are going to need to use the wider IPv4 network to connect to each other. There are several mechanisms to support that which you then also must implement.

For now I think it's good to be prepared and ready for it but you'll have to ask yourself If you want to be one of the first adopters.
If you already have a Public IP, and you don't currently need any further public IP's for your site, then no, you don't need to change it to IP6. IP6 has been introduced because IP4 addresses are limited in number, and most of those that are publicly available have already been used. So new addresses will be issued as IP6.
EidMajdiAuthor Commented:

and how i will know if my hardware support ipv6?
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It is really the software that supports IPv6.
If you are talking about a PC, then if it runs Win2000 IPv6 is not supported but Win7 does support it. (XP has poor support)
If you are talking about something like an ADSL modem/router, it probably doesn't support it.
Maybe your hardware vendor will produce a software upgrade for your device.
Look for the IPv6 Ready logo.
People with and IPv4 address can only talk to others with an IPv4 Address.
Same for IPv6, if you need to talk to both sets, you need one of each address.  This is called Dual Stack.
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Check something like: http://www.getipv6.info/index.php/Device_Support
Or the site of the hardware vendor.
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