Automation software thats reliable & easy to use?

We would like some reliable automation software that can be scheduled to automatically run various daily & weekly tasks on one computer.  Some of the tasks we would like to automate include the following:
Start up SAP B1 software, login on as a user, open up one of the modules in the main menu and perform some tasks (mouse clicks on items to update some data) then exit the software.

Zip some files stored in a network share and then email some users to notify them the files are zipped.

Start up some other internal software, perform some tasks such as updating some data in a database by running a query, and then exit the software.

Ideally would like software that is user friendly, robust, can replicate any mouse clicks and doesn’t require writing any code. Any suggestions appreciated?
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aikimarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
look at AutoIt.  I used it to solve one of my clients' automation problems.
TheGorbyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Although AutoIT automation is mainly designed to be written with it's own code, there is a recorder out there to record keystrokes and mouse movements:

I must say though, AutoIT includes a very in-depth help file and the language itself is VERY easy to use and understand. I could barely write a batch script before I started teaching myself AutoIT 9 months ago and I'm amazed at what I'm able to do with it. I'd be happy to help you along the way, as well.
kevin1983Author Commented:
thats great, thanks for you help, im trying out autoIT- so far looks quite good.
If that isn't easy enough for your users, you might want to try Sikuli, an MIT research project that was productized:

I haven't used it, but it is quite novel.

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