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Is it possible to mount Exchange Mail Stores without having the most up to date transaction log files?

We copy our .edb and E0XX.log files to our SAN in our DR site on regular intervals e.g. every 30 mins. The problem I have is that when I try to mount the stores on my DR Exchange Server I get event ids: 9175 and 455. I can tell taht the DB was in a "dirty shutdown" state when I run eseutil and that it is looking for 333614-333614 log file which is not present.

Is it possible to have the .edb file look to the previous log file that is present in teh logs directory instead?

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even mounting on the dr server you would still need to run a repair on the db which would render the logs obsolete anyway and only mount from the last time logs were comitted to the copy db... so far as I am aware you cannot just drop logs into the logs directory and import them into another db.

If you were to invest in an upgrade to Ex2010 you could use the DAG feature which would do this for you automatically.....
What version of Exchange? You cannot mount the stores on another exchange server unless they are enterprise versions.... it will not work on standard.
davystocksAuthor Commented:
Yes, we run Ent. version
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