Share one primary mail address in Exchange 2003

Hi Experts,

Is it possible to achieve this in Exchange Server 2003:
- Create several users that share the same primary mail address for sending mails.
So I would have
User a with a private mail address
User b with a private mail address
User c with a private mail address
All  users also share the mail address All mails sent by a, b or c are sent by default as If they want to, the users can change the sent from field to their private mail address.
Can this be done in Exchange Server. If so, how?

Thanks in advance.
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Create a new user in AD called "info"
This will be the mailbox that your other users all have access to.
Make sure it has the email address you require ie
Then as stated above make sure your 3 users have access to this new user/mailbox you have just created.

Once you have given your 3 users access to this mailbox as stated above in the security tab of the INFO user/mailbox you just created, giving them send as and full control.
Then in each of the 3 users in question just get them to open a new mailbox which will obviously be the info user/mailbox you created.
They will each then have to inboxes when they open outlook.
They can then check emails in the INFO inbox and they will all see exactly the same emails opened deleted sent etc etc as each other.
Just make sure they remember when replying from the info inbox to select the user info in the sent from box when replying or sending a new email as that info user, otherwise they will auto send as themselves.

Hopefully this hasnt confused you too much. Its easy enough, just hope Ive explained it clear enough
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
Better you can create a shared mailbox and grant access to user. when they reply mail they can select the option from which mail he need to send mail.

In AD, locate the user account that is tied to the shared mailbox and give yourself Send As rights.  Then, from within Outlook, create a new email.  Show the FROM field, and then type in the email address of the shared mailbox.  This will send the email as if it were being sent from that address, rather than your own.

Example :
Logon Exchange server
Use Active Directory users and computers on the Exchange server itself.
        Right click on Users and Choose New, Group.
           Select scope Global and type distribution
           Click next.
        Enable the option to create an Exchange email address.
        In the box below - enter something like
        Then hit next and finish.
Add users A,B and C to the member list of Info Group;

Send a text message from D user to and view if the mail is received from all users and next reply to the message from outlook , and in From fiel, insert Info mail.

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you need to do this with a group like MinoDC stated
you can grant send as permission for these users to the group
NoraWilAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the fast replies. I'm afraid I didn't made my point clear enough. I asked about a way to share an email adress, but I think I should have been talking about sharing a mail box. The problem with distribution lists is that all members receive the same mails and different people don't know if someone already answered the mail. I'm looking for a solution that shows if a mail is read and/or answered.
What we do today is adding the shared mailbox as an extra mailbox to a group of our users. If one of them answers or deletes a message, this happens for all the users and that is what I want. The problem with our solution is that users forget to use the send as option. The reply on mails with their own private mail adress. When a client answers back, this final answer is received by only one user and that is not what we want.
you can try to use the group and do connect up with outlook client in pop3, and select "let a message copy on the server"  in pop3 account option...
NoraWilAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys for your help.
rpartington describes exactly what we are doing today. There's only one downside to this solution: the users have to remember answering mails AS Info and not AS their own. I know, this is only a small effort, but they do forget this most of the time.
The other solutions result in copies of the Info mailbox. This approach leads to different employees answering the same mail. It was my own fault getting these solutions. My question was not clear enough.
I suppose what I asked for is not possible in Exchange. Our employees have to learn to send mails AS Info en not as their own.
It depends on which emails they send out most FROM, IE.
The below is far from perfect but something to think about as I quite often send by mistake from my own email address and get replies direct back into my own inbox which my colleagues cant then see.
If your staff tend to send mostly from info@ why not get them to set there outlook profile so that the info@ is the primary inbox acc and then have their own personnel as the extra account.
This way when they send from info@ it will always go out from info@. Using this method means when sending from their own inbox they will then have to remember to use the FROM field to input them selves as the sender.
Again far from perfect but if they tend to send mainly from the info@ it may make life easier, otherwise stick with the usual and they will have to remember to swap back and forth etc.

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