I have a situation where we cannot recall the administrator password.  there are no other admins defined so kind of stuck.

I have tried a route that is listed in PETRI by using the srvany route.  But I cannot log in locally either when going into directory services repair.

any other thoughts on how to get around it or I am looking at a reload?
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yostnetAuthor Commented:
I am building a test machine and will try MinoDC's option.

Stay tuned
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yostnetAuthor Commented:

I did what you had suggested and works for the most part |

The administrator account says that it is disabled.

when I set up the test server | there was an account that was created that was called admin |  I was able to change that and log in.

However, I do not know about the box that I am trying to break into.

1) is the a way to elevate a user to domain admin status from the command line?
2) is there a way to add a domain user from the command line?

Jackie ManCommented:
Changing the name of the admin is a kind of server hardening work what prevents the server to be hacked using the well known back door of win server 2008 and I do not think that you can archive what you want to do.
yostnetAuthor Commented:
I have found using Mino-DC's method |

From the command line I can do a net user and add a user
then a Net group to add that user to the domain admins group

Will try this on the live box later today.

yostnetAuthor Commented:
Worked like a champ |

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