How do I keep filemaker pro updated with data that is going into excel spreadsheet?

I use excel spread sheet for our data, and then generate reports in filemaker pro 11.  How can I maintain an update date base in filemaker when I am putting data into excel?  Can I have filemaker update each time that I update (add/subtract data) in the excel spread sheet.?
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I think I follow.  My question would be can the data be generated in FM rather than Excel?  If you were to use FM you may be able to cut out the Excel process.

Now, one thing you might look at is a pure import, but it would be a manual process.
First, I don't understand how you are using Excel and why generate the data there.  Why not just use FM to generate the data too?

One idea to explore is using ODBC.  You could create an connection to the spreadsheet and then use FM to use it like an external database.  But you would have to have the same sheet each time.  
topgun0621Author Commented:
we type up a forecast of what is to produced on the various machines daily in a excel spreadsheet.  This tells us the order that products are going to be produced.  It is basically an information sheet for workers, supervisors,QC, outside fork lift drivers.  
The information we type in the forcast is then sent to another tab in the work book called description.  This compiles any new descriptions of products that we make so that it is readily available.  
Then the information typed into the forecast tab of the workbook also goes to the certifieds tab in the workbook.  This is where we need the information for the certifieds report in filemaker.  I imported this file into filemaker, but this file gets added to daily.  So as the excel file gets new data I need the filemaker file that was imported to be updated at the same time.

Do you follow me, or would an example of the file help?
topgun0621Author Commented:
Hmm, using FM instead of excel may work.  Although I am not sure I can duplicate the forecast like we have it but I believe your right that may be easier.  This is the file I have that we generate the forecast, certified form (which we would eliminate becasue the data would be going directly in to FM) and the weld shear form.  The weld shear form we need so that when we pull the tests we write the results in the boxes and then file.

This is a typical example.  I type the orders in the forecast tab and copy and paste into the other 2 tabs in the work book.  I then only have to change a few things like welder, wire sizes, date and when we have to pull samples to stay with industry spec.  Do  you think this can be done in FM? Daily-Paperwork.xls
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