I am having trouble getting my voip phones setup at a remote location.  I have the correct sip ports open and the nat directing to the correct IP so I think I have to do something with the routers here at the remote location.  I have DSL and a Barricade wireless router What is it that I need to change to get theses setup.
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If your SIP server is at the "Local" site then traffic from the phones at the "Remote" site could go over the VPN and you don't need to open ports. In this case you specify the "local" IP address of the SIP Server on the "Remote" phone - remember that the gateway address is your "Remote" router. Do not set NAT on your remote phones otherwise you will probably lose return traffic from the SIP Server because this may end up being sent out to the Internet address of your remote site rather than to the internal IP address on the remote site!
You could bypass the overheads of using the VPN (encryption etc) for the VoIP traffic by specifying the Public IP address of your remote site as the SIP Server and mapping the necessary ports through the "Remote" router to the SIP Server. In this case you can either use NAT or set port forwarding on both the "Remote" and "Local" routers.
WissamSenior Network EngineerCommented:
do you have connectivity to the CCM ?
cannon4aAuthor Commented:
I found reference online yesterday for using cisco routers I am going to try that today.  I will post the results.
Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
What kind of trouble? One way audio? No audio?
cannon4aAuthor Commented:
I think my whole trouble is setting up the site to site vpn.  Inside my current network all is well.  When I go to the remote site I plug in the phone and it says it cannot find the sip server.  Inside my router settings I have set up the site to site and it says connected, so I should use the same settings as I use inside my network right?
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