Sharepoint User Recovery

I recently had a situation where a group of users were deleted.  The original accounts were recovered from AD tombstones but their data was orphaned in SharePoint.  The accounts are reconnecting to their SharePoint data but it is taking varying periods of time.  Does anyone know what triggers SharePoint to re-associate orphaned data?
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Christopher WhiteTeam LeadCommented:

Having not come a cross this personally. I would say the data is getting re-associated as and when accessed.

If it is only a handful of users and it is had become a huge pain. I would be temped to user my Search Crawler job to refresh it for me. If you have a search centre then you could replace the crawl job account with the user and it would try read all content (Provided that you have the jobs setup to do all sites.) against that account would might speed it up.

Just an idea.

ciaran_kAuthor Commented:
Users reattached of their own accord over time.  I suspect logon event by the users triggered the data to reconnect.
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