Recommended Windows File Management archive software

I am on the lookout for some software that can do the following...

Run against a Windows share and determine what files have not been used and move them somewhere else (another file share). Then potentially back them up and delete them, preferably using BackupExec 2010 to do this.

It is not easy to google on the subject, as asking about File Archiving just brings back loads of results about ZIP and RAR. What I am after is a complete piece of software that can help us tidy up loads of unused files and place them somewhere else for eventual backup and deletion.

One product I have found is called Archive Manager by MLtek which seems okay (although the install program hasn't impressed me so far so not a good start), but I would like to compare this with at least one other product.

Thanks in advance.
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pwindellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try googling file storage archiving

I came up with this. Although if looks like a lot of it is outsourced off-site solutions.
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