Excel pauses when formatting(ie inserting) and then restarts

When inserting or formatting in Excel the program pause from 30 seconds to a miinute and then works great?
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Arno KosterCommented:
That another point of concern indeed, as JPPinto indicates a faulty or missing network connection can very easily make for big delays.
Could it be that the standard template you are using is stored on a network drive or mapped folder ?
Arno KosterCommented:
that could be because of a number of reasons, such as :

you are using a huge workbook or worksheet
a macro is activated on running or formatting in excel
your computer is low on memory or CPU power

is it possible to post your workbook here ?
rstcroixAuthor Commented:
It also happens when creating a new workbook and the computer has 3gb of memory and i have checked cpu usage already. I haven't check for macros running.
The rest of your Office applications run OK? This only happens with Excel? Try switching to another default printer and check if the problem remains.
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