One user's mailbox won't connect after SBS 2003 to 2011 Migration

I migrated all of our user's mailboxes last night. This morning, no one's e-mail was showing new messages and Outlook would not connect to Exchange. I picked one user and did some experimentation based on forum articles (e.g. added his user to the SBS Console was the main thing). All of a sudden after a transport restart, everyone started working except this one user. The queue shows "the mailbox recipient does not have a mailbox database". I have disconnected and reconnected his mailbox to no avail.
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adj1984Author Commented:
I tried that but it found no issues. I ended up just deleting the user  completely and recreating him (after of course backing up his local Outlook to a PST for reimport upon recreation). Thanks!
adj1984Author Commented:
The one response did not solve the problem, my actions solved it.
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