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LDIFDE from a file (CSV/TXT)

Hi there,

I need to generate a .ldf file from a list of user on another files with the following attributes:
ldifde -f users-groupname.ldf -r "(memberOf=CN=user-sgroup-,OU=OUgroup,OU=Groups,DC=holadz1,DC=combdomain,DC=com)" -l "cn,sn,givenname,displayname,displayName,userCertificate"

So let me explain better, I have an OU with members, but I do not need all the member from the OU, just the ones that I have on a list (file) LDIFDE generates a file base on the Attributes requested from an OU, but I do not need all the member from the OU, all that I need is the one from a list.  I am looking for a script to run this query.
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I would recommend you change the ldifde synatax to look for a specific username and create a separate file for each user then combine the files together using type.

in order to get the individual files you could use a foreach loop in dos or create the syntax lines in excel (my favorite method ) , put usernames in column A and create the syntax in  B  . Would need to change the " to another character and use replace in notepad before pasting info dos window or batch file.  
B2 would look like
="ldifde -f "&A2&"-ldapuser.txt"& -r #(&(memberOf=CN=user-sgroup-,OU=OUgroup,OU=Groups,DC=holadz1,DC=combdomain,DC=com)(samaccountname"&A2&"))#


type *-ldap-user.txt > allusers-ldap-report.ldf
IslandrAuthor Commented:
I apologized for taking so long.
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