Can I use a normal power supply on a Dell XPS 600?

We have a Dell XPS 600 [Service Tag: bgb1r91] that is out of warranty.  It uses a thin, longer power supply than normal, and I need the computer up and running for a client.   If we can use a normal power supply and leave the case open or rigged differently, we will do that until we can get an exact replacement mailed in, but we need to know if we can use it.  I have attached a picture of the pin layout I found in the computer's manual from Dell.  Please let me know if this is compatible, this issue is time-sensitive.  Thanks!
Pin layout from Dell manual
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Firmin FrederickConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
Dell have very craftily made it such that their power suppliesm are wired only slightly different from generic ones but also their additional motherboard power connects are different from generic ones as well.  Whilst rigging it isn't out of the question, the time and effort needed to match up the wiring from their picture to one of a generic power supply may prove uneconomical!
  But if you're up to the challenge then get a wiring diagram for a generic power supply, a "connector bloc" and some wire cutters and try to match up the wiring.  Just keep in mind that it only takes one mistake to toast the mobo or power supply :)
Firmin FrederickSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Seems -5V on pin 20 is the main difference on th main block need to find the same for the smaller connector

pinout 24 pin atx
Firmin FrederickSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Don't know if this helps:

Dell power connectors
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