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Microsoft Outlook 2010

I have a user that has a display problem.  In my users Inbox, it shows email messages in the TO field rather than the FROM field.  I have done a screen capture to reflect the issue.  You can see it attached.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?  I know it's a simple change in the Display/View but I can't quite fiture this one out.  Easy points for you!  Example.JPG
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Brian GeeCommented:
Go to View > View Settings > Columns. In the Show Columns window that results, look in the Show these columns in this order window and click the To field. Either move the To field all the way down to the bottom using the Move Down button or Remove (button) it all together.
HemisFearAuthor Commented:
Switch the TO to FROM and your solution is 100% accurate.  You pointed me in the perfect direction!  Thanks!
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