Adobe Indesign CS5 cashed when CTRL+P (print)


I have approx 50 computers installed with Adobe CS5 (running XP SP3)

When the user press "CTRL+P" or File -> Print - Indesign crashes... (see attached picture)


Mike Error
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David BruggeCommented:
I've never encountered this before. I assume that they are all accessing the same printer so I would suspect a problem in the printer.

My first step would be to uninstall the printer and driver and reinstall.

If that didn't help, I would borrow another printer and hook it up to a machine and see if the error occurs when accessing a local printer.

If there is no error, then share that printer and go to another machine and try printing to the new printer.

If there is still no error, then the problem is somehow located in your current printer install.
David BruggeCommented:
Is InDesign installed on each machine or is the software shared?
mikeydkAuthor Commented:
The software is installed on each machine...
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