Exchange 2007, cannot send email to user after moving domain to new server


I am running Exchange Server 2007, and I am having a problem with a user account.  I have 2 servers, Server 1 and Server 2.  I deleted an entire accepted domain in system manager , and the associated users, as well as their disconnected mailboxes.

The new mailboxes on Server 2 work fine with everyone, except when I send from Server 1 the message gets returned as undeliverable.  

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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steinmtoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have a bad contact for the user your are sending to that maybe references the old domain that you deleted.  What does the undeliverable message that you get say and can you post it?
Are you trying to use predictive email addresses?  In other words, are you selecting the user from the GAL or are you typing in their name in Outlook and Outlook suggests a name and then you select that name?

If the 2nd case is true, try deleting this file and rebuilding the predictive text names:
C:\Users\<your profile\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.NK2

Might not be what you were looking for as your post is a little confusing.
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