Upgrade Unity VoiceMail from 4.x to 7.x

Hi - I am needing to upgrade Unity from 4.2 to 7.x.  I'm having a problem with Cisco telling me what i need to do.  From what i think I am understanding I can use the 5.x to 7.x instructions although it is 4.2.  Has anyone gone through this?  If you have any links or info to share I'd appreciate it.
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José MéndezCommented:
Have they provided this link:

Migrating from Cisco Unity 4.x or Later to Cisco Unity Connection 7.x

Here is also the installation guide:

And the documentation guide with links to all possible documents about Unity Connection 7.x:

Hope it helps
I am going to recommend that you do a complete overhaul and go to Unity Connections 8.5 as Cisco is wanting to put Unity out to pasture.   IIRC you can migrate from Unity 4.0 to Unity Connections 8.5.  I would check the PUT tool to see if you are entitled to it.

BCHCAdminAuthor Commented:
These links seemed to get me in the right direction.  Thanks
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