File Maker Pro 11 print only half the page

 I am new to FMP, I created a db and when I try to print the current page that I am on be it on the web or on FMP I only print 75% of the page.

Any idea as to how I can correct this problem?

Thanks All
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noadConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

When I tell you that I'm new, I'm new at this
take a look if you would and maybe you can answer some of the question you asked me. log in as guest no password

I will tell you that it is not in list view, I'm just trying to print the page as is on the web and I add a record. I also like for the web page color to print

I sign up with VTC for an on line course, I just started yesterday and being the hurry I got to get it done person that I am, now I'm asking questions.

Thank you much for your help!
Some things to look at...
1)  Make sure your layout parts(Header, Footer, Body, etc...) are positioned correctly.
2) Understand the view.  Are you printing a list view?
3) Check the page layout.  Do you have "fit to window" selected?  (or some such...)
noadAuthor Commented:
Thank you, that did it
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