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Well I'm feeling pretty dumb about now. In order to configure a new wireless print server, I went to the Network Connections dialogue to temporarily adjust the TCP/IP settings on my WNIC so that it would connect directly to the print server for configuration. I was surprised when there was no TCP/IP protocol listed for the WNIC. I know it was there in the recent past. I found the 1394 connection is now active and shows as connected. This is also new, as I don't even know what the 1394 connection is, or is intended for. But apparently it is now working in conjunction with the WNIC in my laptop. It surfs and browses normally. I attempted to edit the TCP/IP settings on the 1394 connection but am unable to do so. Likewise I am unable to add the TCP/IP protocol back to the WNIC.

I don't when or how this configuration came about. I never noticed any change in the networking performance of the laptop. How do I put this back to the original setup where the 1394 connection is not part of the connection picture? I can't even figure that out.
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1394 is firewire (the mac version for USB)  is it not?  Look up in your wireless print server to default your settings if you need to try and get rid of it.  
westoneAuthor Commented:
I wasn't clear, please ignore the print server. My problem is that TCP/IP is not bound to the WNIC, it is bound to the 1394 connection. How do I bind it back to the WNIC and get the 1394 connection out of the picture?
Make sure you have your network card device drivers.  Just go ahead and get the newest ones from online.
Go to device manager and uninstall your network card.
Reinstall it with the drivers you have. Restart.
Should be back to normal.
westoneAuthor Commented:
That didn't work. The NIC wouldn't install successfully. I did a system restore back to February and the NIC is fine now, including having TCP/IP bound to it, showing me to modify the settings, and not being tied up with 1394 connection. No idea what caused all that to happen.
Thanks for the suggestion.
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