Using conditionals in <cfdocumentitem type="header">

I don't seem to have an issue with running a conditional in the 'Footer':

<cfdocumentitem type="footer">
<cfif cfdocument.currentpagenumber neq 1>
	page #cfdocument.currentpagenumber# of #cfdocument.totalpagecount#

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But if I run a conditional like this in <cfdocumentitem type="header"> it is totally ignored.  I have seen that this is an issue/bug in some of the articles I have read but wondered if anyone has come up with a solution for this.  It really shouldnt be this difficult.

Using: ColdFusion 9.0.1, Windows 2008R2, IIS 7

Thanks in advance
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_agx_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You're missing an attribute

<cfdocument format="pdf">
      <cfdocumentitem type="header" evalAtPrint="true">
      <cfif cfdocument.currentpagenumber neq 1>
            <cfoutput>page #cfdocument.currentpagenumber# of #cfdocument.totalpagecount#</cfoutput>
      <cfdocumentitem type="pagebreak"/>
WebStalkersAuthor Commented:

I didn't see that anywhere in the articles I have been looking at. That seems to have solved it.
Thank you so much!  This has been driving me nuts.
Add a comment to adobe's online docs.  I'm sure it'll save somebody's sanity ;-)
WebStalkersAuthor Commented:
Good idea..will do!
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