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Attempting to recover from failed hard drive 2.5 SATA

Attempting to recover from failed hard drive 2.5 SATA that suddenly froze and will not boot.. started making clicking noise.
I would like to connect it to an external enclosure (toaster) to see if I can see and copy data.
Any recommendations on a reliable tool ?
also, any suggestions on a reliable drive recovery service ?

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You are wasting your time.  Do NOT power up the disk.  It will only make it worse.   An external USB enclosure will not make it magically work.  The enclosure has a built in ATA interface on one side, and a USB on the other.  Unless the issue is power, then you will be risking further damage.

I am partial towards 24hourdata.com, but in grand scheme of things, you are typically better off if you can find a local recovery firm that lets you drop it by and give you an estimate.   You can certainly get an estimate from these other firms, but you'll end up paying round-trip shipping to get the estimate, and they will all pretty much cost you $500+.

If you have no plans on spending that type of money, and if the BIOS doesn't see the disk, then just dispose of it properly, as you have near zero chance of recovery unless you want to try the "freezer trick" (google it), but that is a VERY low chance of working, and at best, you'll only get a fraction of the data.
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