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Have a client that has 2 POS computers that serve as registers.  There is also on the network 4 other workstations and 1 server.  POS software is on the server.  I have run scans for malware, etc.  All clean.  POS registers are very slow.  Have had the POS guy check the data base etc, he says it is OK?  My dellima is determining if one or several of the workstations are using up the network resources.  I have checked switches, etc.  all good.  Is there a good software that can be found that can determine these issues on the network. Workstations, POS running XP Pro.  Server on Server 2003.
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qf3l3kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have managable switch in that network you can do quick setup of Cacti and start watching bandwidth on ports on the switch.
Here you have link to Cacti -
And instruction how to setup Cacti on openSUSE - - which personally I like and use as my Linux platform for this type of activities.

cacti can poll data from network switch and graph utilization on each port over the period of time.
By default data polling happens every 5 minutes, but you can change it to every 1 minute for example.

based on that you will know from which computer traffic comes.
In case people will be messing around with cables (maybe someone is connecting private computer to network and downloading stuff) you can add plugin called mactrack to Cacti to track MAC addresses connected to switches.

Anyway, Cacti will give you fully visual bandwidth tracking environment and it is easy to setup (might be even virtual machine if you don't want to build separate physical computer with Linux).

Important is to validate if switch has SNMP or if we can get switch with SNMP, so we can allow monitoring.
Are the other workstations that are not POS slow? And when you say slow, can you be more specific? My experience when it come to the network being slow or the database, always leads to the database. :)
ycguy1117Author Commented:
When I check out the POS computers, the Windows part works great to me.  Loads internet page in 5-10 seconds.  I load a lot of stuff on the task bar just to test.  There are two work stations that the employees indicate are slow all of the time.  However, I might as well be talking to a brick trying to dertermine the issues with the employees.  I have spoken with the POS person, he indicates all is well.  I  disagreee but not being on that side I do not know.  I told the owner todayI need time to test the computers one by one by taking them off of the network and then reconnecting to see if there is a diifference in performance.  I replaced the swithc, thinking that might be an issue, it appears that the switch is fine. I was trying to determine if there was a peice of software that could indicate resource use by IP address or what ever on the network?
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