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Perl Net::Telnet and multiple devices

I have a nice little Net::Telnet script that we want to use to remotely reboot devices,  works great for a single IP address.  What I need is to somehow make it read the IP addresses from a text file containing a bunch of IP addresses.  My script is:

use Net::Telnet ();
$machine = '';
$logfile = ".log";
$interval = "20";
$t = new Net::Telnet (Timeout => 10);
$t->waitfor('/Login: $/');
$t->waitfor('/Password: $/');
$t->cmd ("reboot");
$count = 0;
while ($count < $interval) {
        print "...wait...\n";

I know I have to change either the "$machine = '';" line or the "$t->open($machine);" line to make it look to an outside file, but I don't know how to do that.  I'm sadly very green at this.  It would be nice if somehow it could be made to do them one at a time as well, instead of all at once since we possibly could do this to several hundred devices at a time.  Thank you very much for any and all assistance!
1 Solution
Pieter JordaanCommented:

The easiest way to do that, is to run your current script from another script.

$machine = $1;

Save it, then create your text file with all the ip addresses.

then execute the script from bash.
This example uses:
addresseslist - the name of your file containing a list of ip or hostnames, one on each line.
scriptname.pl - the name of the perl script.

for i in `cat addresseslist`; do perl scriptname.pl $i; done

This will do them one at a time.

You can also make it check for failures, and email you the result, using bash scripting.
NCTC-NETAuthor Commented:
I had to make 1 small change but this was exactly the solution I was looking for, thanks!

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