Looking for specific GPO setting for Office 2010 Standard

I am deploying Office 2010 Standard in a Domain with Server 03 DC's and Win XP clients.

I am using a GPO to control specific settings (Using the ADM version of the files due to the Server OS).

There are three settings in both Excel and Word that need to be disabled in order to allow Outlook to open Office documents as attachments.

In word, the settings are:

File\Options\Trust Center\Trust Center Settings\Protected View.

There are three settings:

1 Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet
2 Enable protected view for files located in...
3 Enable Protected view for Outlook Attachments

These are checked by default and need to be unchecked.

My problem here is I can't find them in the standard ADM files so I can set them to be un-checked.

Thanks in advance for your assistance
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The settings you need are in (for Excel):
User Configuration - Administrative Templates - Classic Administrative Templates (ADM) - Microsoft Excel 2010 - Excel Options - Security - Trust Center - Protected View
RKoonsAuthor Commented:

Your right, although I think they could have worded it a little better to match the original commands. However, setting it does not seem to make any difference.

But, you did get find if for me, so the points count, even if the problem is not solved.

Copy the ADM locally to the PC's  C:\Windows\Inf  and try using it in local group policy (there's about 4 settings to set to Disabled).  Use gpupdate to ensure it's applied and then see what happens when you try it out.  If it works, you know you need to troubleshoot your non-local group policy objects and their application.
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