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Hi Experts

Firstly I do not have any access rights reference Notes programming.

At work we use Notes 7 as an email client and I have a separate archive database to enable me to manage my emails.

I have a rather extensive Folder structure which I would like to archive into my secondary archive database. Is it possible to say:

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Or there is a section whereby you can Set Archive Parameters. How do I go about setting it up so that it is backed up once/week or once/month to mirror exactly my main email client Notes database.

I hope that makes sense. In your reply would you kindly treat me as a complete newbie in Notes 7 please?

Kind regards
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Go into Actions\Archive\Settings.., presuming that the archiving is already set-up.
The folder structure is duplicated automatically in the archive db.
You can use the Settings section to enable scheduled archiving and define your archiving criteria - which documents should be archived.

If archiving is not yet set-up, follow these instructions to enable it and create the archive db:
Keep in mind that most probably, all your archiving settings are in your Actions menu (unlike in the above article, which shows it in the Inbox folder under Tools).

Another good tutorial here - it's written for version 6, but it applies identically to 7:
If you use the standard archive tool functionality in Notes 7 the folder references will be copied into the archive database.
This is if you use the function to archive based upon age or modified date etc.
On selected documents then it depends which folder you are in when you strat the archive.

You can test this by creating a new local archive database and set it to copy documents only.
You should see your folders cretaed in the new database.
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