How to make a custom Item Style for use with Content Query Web Part (SharePoint 2007)

Good afternoon All,

I am in need of some assistance.  I am trying to modify the ItemStyles file to make a custom view for use with the Conten Query Web Part (CQWP).  The back-story would be: Using the News default publishing template, I would like to display the latest news title and the complete body of the news article.  I have seen on sites where they have done it to display the first 200 characters, but I need to know if it is possible to display the whole article's body.  If it is possible, please help me with understanding how to do so.

I have attached my existing ItemStyle doc for your review.
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I have done the same thing for the blog posts and it wont be much different for news either. you will be quering news site rather than blog site  .
you can use the first post by Matthew , he has done a great job . Inorder to show the full news (not 200 words ) dont use that code and specify any limit. Take a look at the links and let me know if that helps .

same thing can be done in 2010 also its  not much different than 2007 .
hpmhelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Thank You Ufaroog for your post.  I was able to find those resources prior to opening this question.  I couldn't figure out how to modify the code for the news article.  Also, when I copied the code into my itemstyle file, it caused the other CQWP's to have an error and not display what it had been.

If you could assist further I would greatly appreciate it.
hpmhelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Thank You, after taking a rest and coming back to it I was able to figure out what to do.  I had to change the body field to PublishingPageContent.  I also had to make the correct changes to the modified webpart file

Thank you again.
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