Messages accepted but not delivered

I have an odd issue with messages being accepted by a external mail server but those customers are reporting they never receive a message.  I've verified our brightmail gateway shows the messages are receiving a "deliver message normally" status.  A telnet session over port 25 and command "mail from" , "rept to" performed successfully.

We've had our customer support people verify the messages are getting sent to spam or some other custom folder.  I've also checked the spam lists and our domain is not blocked but a handful of providers are not delivering the messages.

We are running an Exchange 2010 server.

Thanks for the help.
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steinmtoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried setting your outlook to plain text and sending a message to them.  I have seen some of the fancy html outlook signatures create issues with spam filters.  Working on these problems requires work on both ends if everything looks ok on your end.  Can you have the receiving email side check their email logs to see where the email is going?
VSUTechAuthor Commented:
The issue ended up being on the remote end.  I contacted a few of the mail administrators and they were able to determine my messages were being blocked.
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