Creating user in AD with Exchange mailbox with limited or no rights


We have some outside consultant that will need access to one of the mailboxes on Exchange 2007 system.

We have single forest with domain and child domain.

I have created user in Active Directory, but basic user has too many rights to all other resources.

Anyway to create limited user and limit only to Exchange mailbox?

We have tons of other resources, intranets, sharepoints, etc., that basic user can login.
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Domain Users probably grants "allow login locally" permissions on local machines, which would be removed. Other systems are probably using "Authenticated users" or something to authorize access. If the builtin group of "authenticated users" is being used to authorize things, you will have a hard time removing permissions. I'd suggest creating a group like "SharePoint users" granting access to the SharePoint site and remove "authenticated users"

You might be able to add the account to the "Guests" group. Typically that group is explicitly barred from doing a great many things, that might be enough for you guys.
Remove the user from "Domain Users" group, that will strip a lot of rights.

itmtiAuthor Commented:
Does not work,

created new group in ad, added that user to that group, made it primary group and removed Domain Users.

Still able to authenticate to a lot of stuff, like intranets, sharepoints, etc.,  

itmtiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for suggestions
itmtiAuthor Commented:
What I did also was:

created new user on new trusted forest.
created linked mailbox on primary forest and gave permissions to that user from trusted forest.

Everything worked ok, but still was able to get access to intranets, sharepoints as you said it is using authenticated users on those servers.

So what else i did was went into that new users properties under AD, went into Account Tab, hit Log On To... and gave rights only to my Exchange webmail server.

That did the trick!

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