EventID 1110 Terminal Services-Printers corrupt ntprint.inf

I am getting the following error in the event log whenever a user logs into the terminal server.

EventID 1110, Terminal Services-Printers
An error occurred during processing of ntprint.inf. The file might be corrupted. Run Setup again to reinstall the file.

I have searched all over and cannot figure this out.
This is a windows 2008 R2 64bit terminal server.  I have 5 of them configured exactly the same way yet this is the only one that has the problem.

I am using a custom printer mapping file to map client drivers to server drivers of a different name.  I created the registry entries using a .reg file that was loaded on all servers so I know there is not a typo anywhere.  I also use the same printsubs.inf file on all servers so there is no syntax error anywhere in the mapping file.  All printers get mapped correctly and I am able to print without any problems yet the error continues to show up for each login to this server.

Further, I have searched the entire server for a file called ntprint.inf and there are only 2 places it exists (aside from inside other cab files).  The locations are:
Both of these files are windows protected and cannot be modified without changing ownership and overwriting.  I have checked with the other servers and the file sizes and dates are identical so I don't see what the problem is.
Can anyone tell me what the problem might be here?
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Cláudio RodriguesConnect With a Mentor Founder and CEOCommented:
That is not correct. NTPRINT.INF should be located under Windows\INF and I just checked one of the 2003 TSs I have around here and it is indeed there.
I would try grabbing the file from another 2003 Server (any server, not necessarily TS) and copying it to the location I mentioned above.

Cláudio Rodrigues
Microsoft MVP - RDS
Citrix CTP
vxaxv17Author Commented:
I cant believe this turned out to be so simple.  The file wasnt corrupt as the error stated, it simply wasnt there at all!  Had i done the search on any of the other terminal servers, i would have seen it located in the windows\inf directory but since I was looking on the server with the error, it was never found.  I've tried copying it over from another server and will see if the errors stop.  I have no idea how the file could have been removed, it is really quite strange.
vxaxv17Author Commented:
Just wanted to clarify that the servers were 2008, not 2003 like the solution mentioned.  Post was dead on though.
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