How to use a web service?

Hello group,

I need to write a small application to consume a web service using C# and I'm new to it. Where can I learn about it? Is there any available web service (or maybe something like sandbox) that I can use?

any help is appreciated.

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Rose BabuConnect With a Mentor Senior Team ManagerCommented:

try looking on the tutorial links below

as i knew, there is two types of webservice return type is available.
1. simple datatype returns single value (i.e., returns string or integer or boolean etc...)
2. complex datatype (multiple datatypes returned like array, structure values)

so while consuming webservice, first you look on the request and response formats.

from the wsdl file you can get the request/response formats.

let us know if u need any clarification.

Happy Programming.
iHadiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can create your own simple webservice, then create an application to consume it. This short video describes just that: 
PCableGuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you're looking to use a publicly available Web service, below are a couple to consider. You will need to know how to parse the data that's returned. For instance, Weather Channel returns the data in XML.

Weather Channel has an API


If you're looking to do something simpler, these links are a good start.
akohanAuthor Commented:

Thanks to all.

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