Error message on sending emails - Outlook 2003/Exchange 2k3

Hi Experts,

A user tries to sends out the Market Brief each week to a list of people - the last two weeks it has been giving her the below (see attached) error message about not having enough memory. For each time it has been the same list (one of about 10) and she is creating it the same each time. It works first time if I send the same email onto the same group of people.
Any ideas on what could be causing this?

Many thanks in advance,      
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Brian GeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could we try to run a repair of the Office installation (as routine troubleshooting) and then, if necessary, try creating a new Outlook profile for this user to see if this makes the condition better for the user in question?
craigleenzAuthor Commented:
error when trying to send message in outlook error when trying to send message in outlook
craigleenzAuthor Commented:
recreating the outlook profile is really a last resort, any reason why this is happening though
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the issue maybe related to a earlier posting on experts exchange.
Try her Outlook with /safe if that works then move onto testing /noextensions
If /noextensions works then start Outlook normally and remove the add-ins one by one till the problem stops
craigleenzAuthor Commented:
not the answer I was looking for, but recreating the profile resolved the issue, still a mystery as to whic this happened
Brian GeeCommented:
I apologize for not having the reason behind the issue... I appreciate the Accept in any case. Thanks.
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