digital extension switch to a ip phone on Avaya IP 500

Avaya ip office manager. 7.0 (15) ip 500 (15) I have a user on a digital  ext. need to switch to a ip phone , I will be reusing the same ext number.  If changing the extension number on digital ext and then making ext on the ip phone will the settings from user transfer over to new ip phone or do I need to delete user and extension and start from scratch

do i need to download config and work offline and then upload or can this be done on live box and just a merge

any suggestions on the best way to do this would be a help

Thank You
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You want to assign an extention to an IP phone, I think there was a discussion on how to map the extention to an IP Phone.
You would need to configure the IP 500 that the extentions is now tied to the IP phone. versus to the physical extention (FXO) port.
When the IP phone connects, I think it downloads the configuration it needs. the IP 500 is the one maps that this phone has this extension. reference page 35 deals with extensions and user setup.
You may want to make sure that you switch the extension on the digital to avoid having the same extension in possibly two places.
lynnhoff2002Author Commented:
I will switch the digital ext. From reading the docs it does not really cover my situation.  if I can just have the user login to new ip phone and settings transfer over I think this may be an issue because of the new extension id generated by system would be different than orginally setup.
lynnhoff2002Author Commented:
What I ended up doing was changing extensiona dn had to delete user and remake this according to Avaya Support, Thx for your input
lynnhoff2002Author Commented:
You have to delete user or the user will not hook back up with the extension if keeping the same extension because of the base ID
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