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Exchange 2003 SBS pop3 collector mail vanished

I Have a issue with missing email .........

1. The person changed his domain name for
eg abc.net to abc1.net

he wanted me to change his email addresses so under user email I added the new :
user@abc1.net to the list of SMTP addresses then removed user@abc.net.

But he was still recieving emails from user@abc.net ( deleted old SMTP under user) via and external domain name and the SBS POP3 collector...

Scince I made that change none of the OLD emails were delivered to the the user mail box.

Worst still when logging into the externally hosted POP3 mailbox there are no messages. Its as if the pop3 collector grabbed them but they couldnot be delivered ..

What happens in this case if a email address cannot be delivered to a mailbox where does the email go ?
As the person needs the emails that seemingly have vanished.....

Is there a queue or place in the exchange manager i can have a look around or do they just get dropped....

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Good day,

I hope I am understanding enough to give you a good answer. Exchange is not. by definitiaon,  a pop server. SBS 2003 will two things: 1. Revieve mail from a pop server and act as a mail server to a local domain or 2. Recieve mail from the internet and act as a mail server for a local domain. in either of these cases, THe server will store mail in the exchange database. HEre is how the senario, usually works. you set up a POP 3 connector in SBS and the server downloads all the mail from the pop server and the pop server is now empty. All of the mail has now been transmitted to the exchange server. This is a good thing. Now you can set your outllook clients to just get the mail from the exchange server, right?

Well unfortunately, the downloading of all the mail to the exchange server freaks alot of people out and they do all kinds of thinks and end up loosing all the mail they had in the exchange database.

If you take an outlook client and set it up using an "exchange account". use the user@domain.local username and you should be able to see your mail from the pop server.


If you cant see your mail after creatign an Exchange account, and they are not visible in the POP server, then you have truly lost your mail

HEre are some things to help avoid this:

1. If you use POP3, you have to configure an exchange server mail box client (not pop) on the client machines. then you will have to also create a send connector to a "smart host" or the ISP if they will accept outgoing mail.

2. If you use SMTP mail, you also create an Exchange client account, however, as long as your ISP does not block port 25, you can use DNS to route your outbound email .

I believe what may have happened in your case if you entered enough information to connect to the pop server and pull the mail, but you didnt make a rule to allow the other domain to be accepted. The database did not take the mail because it was not authenticated.

You had to do this (link below) before creating the pop 3 mail connector


SBS would do this for you. However, hosting multiple domains is not supported so you are expected to set this up manually. POP works fine as long as you are only setting up for one domain.

I may have missed the mark but I hope it helps yuo in some way.

Kramer8uAuthor Commented:
Yes I agree I did not make a rule to accept the new domain .......

In reading your reply it jogged my memory :
I forgot to add the new domain to the recipient poilcy under global settings..

As you said the new domain was not in this list so the server has dropped the mail .....

At least i know what not to do again , .

And yes you answered the question IE the email has gone BYE BYE : (

Kramer8uAuthor Commented:

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