server 2008 R2 backup not working

We have a Windows 2008 server backup that has filled the disk.  I thought by default server 2008 should auto free space by deleting older copies but it's not working.  Can't even run the command to do it manually.  Getting error attached. Help is appreciated.

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lineonecorpAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all of this. Turned out a bit simpler however. The folks here had  changed the backup one day and included a volume that was too big to back up.  They then tried to reschedule. We got in and cleaned up and everything looks ok now.
I am sure you have seen this

I could have sworn you couldnt use vssadmin after looking at this:

Then I saw the issue and I am supprised I hadnt actually experienced this. I am passing on to you for your review:

This is probably going to be useful to you as well:

Good luck and please post if you are successful.

thank you,

lineonecorpAuthor Commented:
Resolved our problem with different solution than Expert had provided but Expert provided valuable information for future reference.
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