Will the Ipad Sync rebuild my Ipad Folders?

I have upgraded to the new Itunes Library and  Ipad software.  I have backed up
my entire Ipad to the Itunes Library.
I now would like to sync one new album I  created.  I am able to select
the new album with a check mark, no other albums or content are checked.
All of my data seems to appear in the Itunes Library, including all of my apps.
The Itunes popup window says that the Ipad is synced wth another Itunes Library and all data will be replaced when synced with this Itunes Library.
The fact is, this Itunes Library is the only Library to which this Ipad has ever been synced.

But that's ok.  What I am concerned about is my folder structer on my Ipad.  Will Itunes restore
all of my folders with the content as they were before the sync?

Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed Martin AerospaceAsked:
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Is the Sync Apps box still checked on the Apps tab when the iPad is plugged in?
Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed Martin AerospaceAuthor Commented:
Hi md624,
Well I attempted a sync with only the new playlist checked, nothing else.   Itunes prepared the sync
but before the sync it asked me if I wanted to delete all of my apps.  So I answered no and
Itunes cancelled my sync.
It has been a while, and several Itunes revisions, since I last used Itunes to add songs to my IPOD.
So, just before I gave up, I tried the new Ipad tool system.   Even Apple is learning how
to get along.
I dragged the playlist from my Itunes playlist onto the Ipad Library.  And quess what,  it copied
the playlist without comment or complaint onto my IPAD.  Will wonders never sease.
Thanks again,
That is interesting. Were you able to get all of your issues resolved?
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