Centralising the use of images as controls in the application

Most forms have a left and right arrow to move items from one list box to another.  If we wanted to change this to having 'Add >>' and '<< Remove' buttons and this was defined in one location changing it in that one spot would change the whole application.  How can one do this in Access?
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Voodoo_chileAuthor Commented:
Thanks for advice. I figure out the button image can link to a file as following code
   Me.cmdSelectOption.PictureType = 0 'Set the picture type to Linked
   Me.cmdSelectOption.Picture = CurrentProject.path + "\image\Arrow left.bmp" 'put the image file at the image folder under the current project path.
Nico BontenbalCommented:
What I did once was placing hidden buttons on the main form (which is always open in this application) with the pictures. Then on the onopen event of the other form I uses something like
me.cmdPrev.picture = forms!main.cmdPrev.picture
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
More info here is required.

If you want to change what the button displays, simply delete the image from the button's image property, and edit the caption property to:
Add >>
<< Remove

"and this was defined in one location changing it in that one spot would change the whole application."
I am having trouble understanding what this means...

Again, can you take a step back and clarify the one distinct question here?

Voodoo_chileAuthor Commented:
The idea is from the code,
me.cmdPrev.picture = forms!main.cmdPrev.picture;

But I would like to make the picture on buttons linked to a bmp file in the folder. This is esay to change.
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