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Advise on Multi-User Video Editing Setup

Hi All, I need some advise on setting up a Video Editing network. We have 5 users using iMac computers that use local storage for editing and manipulating video. We are looking at migrating all this data to a central SAN we have recently purchased to centralise all the data. The SAN is a HDS AMS 2100 with 4 8GB ports direct connected to 2 x Dell servers running Citrix XenServer. The SAN also host all other company information (word docs etc). The trouble is mainly on the ethernet side. If we host all the data on the central SAN then streaming gigabytes of video to the users to edit would saturate the bandwidth on the ethernet network.

So my question is, what would be a suitable product (both software and hardware) that would allow centralisation of editing and video processing that will eleviate network congestion. I have looked in to Final Cut Pro / Final Cut Server although I cannot install Final Cut Server in a Citrix Xen enviroment. We can purchase another Mac Server although I am looking for alternatives as Final Cut seems a bit over kill in regards to features. I am open on the costings depending on the functionality.

Thanks All.
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What speed is your ethernet swiches for your workstations? Can you run them at Gigabit speed as well?
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
The best video editing environment is Final Cut Server and FInal Cut Pro for the Mac, Mac Server, and Apple XSan. This is probably not what you wanted to here.

BUT, what Video Editing is required, if you are not producing Oscar winning films, Adobe Premiere Pro may be suitable for you, or Adobe Premiere Elements, or other light applications.

However, trying to run these realtime video editing applications in a non-VDI environment, RemoteFX, HDX of PCoIP may be troublesome.
sennellAuthor Commented:
Hi All, thanks for your replies.

Thecomputerdocs - All iMac's and Switching are Gigabit Capable.

Hanccocka - The video editing requirements are not much in terms of features. Basically they are just chopping up video and making shorter clips with some music over it. So they are not advanced users. I guess the big issue is the amount of data they are processing. On average we are looking at about 50 Gig of data a day in terms of new footage that gets edited in to shorter clips. Trying to edit that even over a gigabit network is just painful.

Im not totally against final cut server although I just dont want to have to buy another pyhsical box when I have the available capacity in VM's. Although in typical apple style I cannot install Mac OS X on a Virtual Machine as it is not "Apple badged". Even though I have 24GB Ram free in resources.

There is no other Client / Server solution? I might be pushing it if I streamed down Final Cut Pro from our Citrix Server... I wonder if something like that has been done before...
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
"Apple badged" - not yet!

If that's the case, maybe Adobe Premiere Elements would be suitable if you could get the Mac users to change!

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