How to configure SSH for Remote serial access

Can someone tell me how to configure ssh on con and vty for Cisco 3548XL.

I can not find crypto command.

Thanks a lot
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The SSH option is not present in the IP base version of IOS.  You'll need to upgrade IOS to an IP Services version
Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
#transport input ssh
Isa128Author Commented:
Normally I need to make this command:

switch(config)#crypto key generate rsa          to activate ssh....
But there is no crypto command

The command you told me is to activate ssh input after the key created...
Isa128Author Commented:
And I the actual state I only have ... all or telnet , but not ssh with the transport input command
Make sure you have a crypto IOS to generate the rsa keypairs.

or else you will need an IOS upgrade.
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