How to interface with a GSM Modem to send and receive SMS from a C#.NET 2008 application

I need to create an application in C#.NET 2008 environment. This application is supposed to trigger SMS sending based on certain scenarios and conditions that are sensed & trapped by a rule execution / work flow mechanism that would be built as a part of this application. Besides this, I need to receive SMS and respond based on the command read from the text.
Can I use any GSM modem for doing this?
If so, please explain how to interface and send & receive SMS using this.
I need to have my application generic enough so that it can work with any make of GSM modem.
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Kamal KhaleefaConnect With a Mentor Information Security SpecialistCommented:
for me i didnt use gsm modem till now in my applications
we are integrating webservices from the provide into our application to send sms
any way here is some usefull links it may help you
Praveen KumarConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
Yes, you can use GSM Modem to Send/Receive messages from a .NET application. Basically you need to implement a Serial Communication (you can use .NET Serial Port component) and send/receive AT  commands to the modem.

More information on SMS Services are below:

You can enable SMS's from your application in 2 ways:
1. Using SMSC Gateway (used for large valumms, short codes, costly)
2. GSM Modem/Mobile Phone (Small valumes, only long codes, cheaper) - THIS IS YOUR OPTION IN QUESTION

1. Using SMSC Gateway:
   a) Use any third party provider: They have a contact with mobile operators and they will give you a HTTP API/Web service/COM component etc. Where you can have access from your application and use their service.
Example provider: (Choose from your country)

   b) Setup your own SMSC gateway: For this you need to contact your mobile operator from your country. They will provide the details to connect with them (SMPP, HTTP etc.).
Example software provider:

2. GSM Modem/Mobile Phone:
   You buy a GSM modem/Latest Mobile Phone(not symbian)  and connect from your PC. Then you can use AT commands to send/receive messages from your pc. There are some third party components/tools exist to this kind of purpose.


All the best.


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